Friday, January 4, 2008

Politics and Death

The colonists tok their civic responsibilities seriousy.To be nominated for public office was an honor.A man could be fined for refusing to serve.The city powers were always on the lookout for promising young men with a sense of civic duty. .John was primarily interested in order as opposd to a politiCal Career.
In xxx tragedy struck. Hannah,a devoted mother,wife,daughter and sisiter died. Her father,x had died in late May due to smAALLpox.Possibly she perished of thesame disese.Thatleft John with the widower;sdilema;find a new wife as soon as possible. IN THE MEATIME, HE HAD TO HIRE SOMEONE TO LOOK AFTER THE CHILDREN. ENTER Hannah checkley.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Family Ties

But John didin't move to Boston alone. He was accopanied by his wife Hannah. The A.s didn't marry individuals;they married families.John's twin sister Bethia got the ball rolling, marrying Hannah's brother xxxxx. John and Hannah followed in 16, then Peter A. married xxxxxWebb in xxx.Another W. married an A. cousin in xxxxx.
By the timeof their arrival in Boston Hannah had borne three children: Hannah in xxx, a son John inxxx(who died in infancy), and Samuel in1689. Another daughter, Abigail was born in Boston in xxxx, and son John followed in xxx.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Boston branch of the A. family got its start in 1691when Capt. John A. moved his family from Braintree. Like his father and grandfather, John was a maltster, or brewer of beer and beer products. According to family legend, John was also a mariner. During the time of his relocation to Boston many of the smaller ports were closed. He likely put his seafaring expertise
to good use, delivering the family product. He also seems to have done some small scale brewing.
In 1693, John went into business for himself. With an advance from his father-in-la, X Webb,
John purchased the estate of Nathaniel Newgate and converted it into a brewery. Setting up the business wasn't easy. Boston was a tightly controlled town. In order to do business there John had to appear before the selectmen, hat in hand, supply references and post a L100 bond (a substantial sum in those days). Only then would he be granted a license to brew.

An officer in the Braintree militia, John was invited to join the prestigious Ancient & Honorable
Artillery Company in xxx. His military and maritime pursuits had taught him the importance of law and order within a society. Fair, honest and devout, he soon earned the respect of his neighbors and busness aquaintances. He served as a tithingman at he Old South Meeting House and was elected town constable in xxxxx.